Dr. Ali A. Alraddadi

Dr Ali Alraddadi is the head of dermatology unit in I King Abdulaziz Medical City in Jeddah. He is an Assistant Professor I in King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences in Jeddah I and also vice president of Saudi Society for Dermatology and I Dermatologic Surgery


Quality of life impacts in atopic dermatitis occur at all ages and include, but not limited to, psychological problems/stigmatization from visible skin lesions, itching, sleeplessness, lack of concentration at work or school and repeated treatments that involve time and financial costs. Hence, patient and family education in atopic dermatitis is considered an essential part of patient management and must be included as an important element of the plan of care for all atopic dermatitis patients.
Patient/family education should be provided in an easy language that is understandable by the patient/family, and sufficient time must be allowed for patients to understand the provided information and be able to interact with their dermatologist. In situations where patient is unable/unsuitable to learn, education is directed to the family or the caregiver.
In addition, I recommend that dermatologists and health educators provide public and community education related atopic dermatitis using different essential education methods such as pamphlets, diagrams, videos, or any other teaching methods.


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